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Con Man Focus--Finding Small Business Easier Marks

--Small businesses facing greater challenges in fighting off the con man due to inexperience and under-staffing

Magalia, California--The con man is setting his sites on small businesses for a number of reasons, according to veteran business book author, Jack Payne. He reports an extensive list of citations:

The inexperience factor. So many of the more complex cons pulled on major corporations have been played out. Defenses are up More highly skilled personnel have been brought in to thwart the scamsters. And better, quicker reporting has cut into their scam-power Hence, the con man is looking for, if not greener pastures, at least, easier pastures, and is finding these among small businesses who cannot keep up with the giant companies' staffing capabilities.

The fear factor. Small businesses are, relatively, financially weak. Thus, the con man is finding they are more prone to "go along" with smaller dollar scams. They tend to sweep them under the rug, if "taken," absorb them and move on.

The embarrassment factor. Usually well-known and respected at a personal level in local communities, the human element in a small business is more widely exposed than it is in the large, faceless corporation. This makes it easier--it is believed--for the con artist to shame his victim into silence once scammed.

Here are a representative few of the flashing red lights of warning:

The restaurant patron refund demand. This involves a letter to restaurant owners--probably hundreds of them around a major city--demanding an unsatisfactory meal refund in a nominal amount--usually anywhere from $8.99 to $25. If properly threatened, the proprietor is most often tempted to just pay, and have done with it.

Charity fraud. This is rampant. Small businesses are especially vulnerable to such scams. Because of their community status, the generally held notion is that their "image" must be upheld at all costs.

Voice mail access scams. PBX (Private Branch Exchange) remote access features are a prime target for hackers, who can quickly run up thousands of dollars in charges.

Phony invoices. This is a traditional scam that seems to never die. Local media, yellow pages advertising, and organization memberships are the most often pitched scams, but these also include just about every other product and service imaginable.

Government document ruses. a phony questionnaire is sent, together with a demand for a fee in the amount of, usually, $100-$200. Failure to comply would result in a $2,000-per-day fine is the common threat.

Energy "shocking," similar to phone "slamming" is a popular scam in the many states which have deregulated energy, allowing for a variety of providers.

"Remember Werthen's Law: Assumption is the mother of all screw-ups," adds legal thriller author, Jack Payne. "The reason more inexperienced people are sought out is because it is believed they will be more prone to 'just go along' with whatever slight of hand trick is flashed at them.

"Just remember one principle, when dealing with any stranger in business," Payne concludes, "Any time things appear to be going better, you have overlooked something. Then, follow your instincts. Act defensively, accordingly."


Jay Draiman said...

Response to Multiut - Nachshon Draiman rebuttal about his fraud – rev1.
Nachshon Draiman - Multiut Corp. Fraud
You will note that State and Federal Court records in Illinois and elsewhere are replete with lawsuits, judgments and wrongdoing by Nachshon Draiman and his companies. Causing the death of patients in the Nursing homes and a lawsuit by the State of Illinois with civil and criminal conviction People v. Gurell, Nachshon Draiman (1983), 98 Ill.2d 194, 207, 74 Ill.Dec. 516, 456 N.E.2d 18.). Abusing nursing home patients see State of Illinois records.

Multiut Corp and Nachshon Draiman dba Future Associate of Skokie, IL. Are withholding evidence of fraudulent activities in the Energy industry estimated $10 million and inflated Medicaid billing to the government for Nursing Home patients estimated $20 million. Also Bank fraud against their bank by presenting fraudulent and inflated receivable reports in order to get and keep a credit line, Nachshon Draiman was a large stock holder of the bank. Draiman Nachshon • SC 13G • Success Bancshares Inc • On 2/17/98
Filed On 2/17/98 • SEC File 5-53545 • Accession Number 950137-98-586

Just because he was able to cheat the system with political contributions and expired statute of limitations does not make him any less guilty.
Everything stated previously by me against Nachshon Draiman, Multiut, Future Associates and his Nursing Homes can be very easily verified.
State and Federal Court documents confirm the frauds and more.
Where there is smoke - there is fire.

Several courts and administrative bodies have found Nachshon Draiman culpable in providing fraudulent documents and the intentional abuse and negligence of Nursing Homes patients in Illinois – in every case Nachshon tried to blame others for his misdeeds. See People of the State of Illinois vs. Gurell, Nachshon Draiman et al – 456 N.E.2d 18 there has been numerous patient abuse and deaths due to that abuse. In 127 Ill.App.3d 1165, 483 N.E.2d 731, 91 Ill.Dec. 385 Sonnenberg v. Mill View Associates, Nachshon Draiman where millions of dollars had to be paid as damages for abuse and death of a patient, not to mention numerous patients who died falling down an elevator shaft.
Nachshon Draiman former partner from Lydia Healthcare (in Robbins, IL.)Arnold Simensen will testify that Nachshon has been breaking and entering and stealing his personal financial records which is recorded on video tape. Nachshon therefore lost his ownership interest in that home. Numerous Nursing Homes operated by Nachshon Draiman have been closed down by the State due to abuse and deaths of patients – Numerous judgments are entered against Nachshon Draiman’s entities for overcharges $10 million. Not to mention the over 20 litigations that are currently pending. (Such as Dynegy v Nachshon Draiman w 6 contempt of court orders $22 million – Multiut, Israel Discount Bank vs. Nachshon Draiman $45 million, State Financial Bank vs. Nachshon Draiman and others). Inflated gas bill to his own nursing home and his friends and associates in order to increase the expenses and bill Medicaid fraudulently
Not to mentioned that he is represented by a Law Firm with attorneys who pleaded guilty to criminal conduct with Jack Abramoff as one of the partners – to say the least and has numerous ethical and criminal transgressions (Greenberg Traurig).

States: “All men are created equal” I state (except those with money, power and influence – who are more equal than others)

NEWSMEAT - NACHSHON DRAIMAN's federal campaign contribution search ...NACHSHON DRAIMAN » IL » 60077 ... Receive an alert every time new records are added to this search for NACHSHON DRAIMAN. Your Email ...

Political Campaign Contributors415777. Paulette Dragul ... Contribution Count/Amount - 1 / $2000 415778. Nachshon Draiman ... Contribution
Count/Amount - 2 / $2000 415779. ...

Dynegy Mkg & Trade v. Multiut Corp, Nachshon Draiman et al 1:02-cv-07446.

Court: United States District Court Northern District of Illinois -
Case Title: Dynegy Mkg & Trade v. Multiut Corp, Nachshon Draiman et al
Case Number: 1:02-cv-07446
Judge: Hon. John A. Nordberg
Filed On: 10/16/2002
128 01/10/2005 MINUTE ORDER of 1/10/05 by Honorable Michael T. Mason : As stated on the reverse of this order, plaintiff's motion to compel financial documents [124-1] and for sanctions is granted in part and denied in part. [124-2] Defendant's request for reconsideration is denied. (See reverse of minute order.) Notices mailed by judge's staff (hp) (Entered: 01/10/2005)
Multiut Nachshon Draiman lawsuits



MADDY MELISSA ADAIR THOMAS, Nachshon Draiman 06/22/2007



Case Number Plaintiff Defendant Date Filed

Dynegy Mkg & Trade v. Multiut Corp, Nachshon Draiman et al 1:02-cv-07446.

Draiman and Multiut breached the Guaranty by failing to pay after demand, when due, the Unpaid Principal. Balance and the Interest.
WHEREFORE, Dynegy requests entry of a judgment in its favor and against Multiut, for $12,504,912.51, plus interest, through the date of judgement, in an amount in excess of $593,997.74, and such other relief as the Court deems appropriate.

(Fraudulent Transfer In Law- Multiut)
27. Dynegy repeats and reasserts the allegations of paragraphs 1 through 26, inclusive, as paragraph 27.
28. At all relevant times, Draiman has been a director, officer and/or control ling shareholder of Multiut.
29. At all relevant times, Draiman has been a general partner in Future Associates or otherwise had authority and/or control over the business affairs of Futures Associates or an entity that had authority over the business affairs of Futures Associates.
30. Since at least January 1999, Multiut failed to make timely payment, when due, for some or all of the natural gas delivered by Dynegy.
31. On March 7, 2001, Ginger Wright of Dynegy and Lenore Kamien of Multiut ' agreed that Multiut owed Dynegy approximately $11,000,000, excluding interest.
32. On September 5, 2001, Dynegy representatives Pete Pavluk and Mark Ludwig met with Multiut representatives Lenore Kamien and/or Nachshon Draiman at Multiut's offices to discuss the amount owed by Multiut.
33. At that meeting, Mr. Draiman said that Multiut did not have funds sufficient to pay the debt owed and that Multiut would propose a payment plan by September 17, 2001.
34. In a September 17, 2001 letter, Multiut proposed a payment plan by which it would make monthly payments, from October 2001 through March 2002, in order to pay down the amount owed to Dynegy. The proposed payments ranged from $600,000 in some months to $1,800,000 in other months. According to Mr. Draiman, Multiut was, 'insurefd] [sic] an additional annual profit of $2,000,000' and that, 'in the meantime, [Multiut] was working on bank financing as well as funds from private sources for capital infusion.'

35 . In an October 4, 2001 letter to Multiut, Dynegy responded to Multiut's September 17, 2001 proposal by asking for 'a detailed formal plan by no later than Wednesday, October 10, 2001 that outlines bringing your account balance current by no later that [sic]-January 15, 2002.'
36. In an October 12, 2001 letter, Multiut responded to Dynegy's October 4, 2001 letter by proposing 'weekly payments for October through January.' The weekly payments proposed by Multiut totaled $7,700,000.
37. Multiut did not make all the weekly payments described in its October 12, 2001
38. Multiut's check , dated August 23, 2001, made payable to Dynegy for $300,000, was returned for insufficient funds.
39. Multiut's check, dated October 26, 2001, made payable to Dynegy for $150,000, was returned for insufficient funds.
40. Multiut's check, dated November 9, 2001, made payable to Dynegy for $200,000, was returned for insufficient funds.
41. Multiut check no. 1946, made payable to Dynegy for $200,000 and deposited on December 7, 2001, was returned twice due to insufficient funds.
42. On January 8, 2002, Multiut claimed it could not pay the amounts owed to Dynegy because of slow payment by the government in connection with Mr. Draiman's nursing homes.
43. On January 31, 2002, Multiut told Dynegy that it would make a $200,000 payment while it worked to raise cash through a factoring company and while it attempted to arrange a line of credit with Bank Leumi.

54. Multiut did not receive reasonably equivalent value for the transfer described in paragraph 53.
55. In the years 1999 through 2003, Multiut transferred cash or other assets to Future Associates, Draiman and/or other entities, including Draiman's nursing home, hotel or other business interests when Multiut was indebted to Dynegy.
56. Multiut did not receive reasonably equivalent value for the transfers desciibed in paragraph 55.
57. When Multiut made the transfers described in paragraphs 53 and 55 (the 'Transfers'), Multiut was insolvent and/or became insolvent as a result of the Transfers.
58. The Transfers were fraudulent conveyances in violation of applicable laws.
WHEREFORE, Dynegy requests entry of an order granting judgment in its favor and against Multiut, for $12,504,912.51, plus interest, through the date of judgment, in an amount in excess of $593,997.74; voiding the fraudulent transfers and returning the Transfers to Multiut to be used to satisfy the debt to Dynegy; and such other relief as this Court deems appropriate.
COUNT IV (Fraudulent Transfer In Fact- Multiut)
59. Dynegy repeats and reasserts the allegations of paragraphs 1 through 58, inclusive, as paragraph 59.
60. The Transfers were made with actual intent to hinder, delay or defraud Dynegy, a creditor of Multiut and as-such constituted fraudulent conveyances in violation of applicable laws.
WHEREFORE, Dynegy requests entry of an order granting judgment in its favor and against Multiut, for $12,504,912.51, plus interest, through the date of judgment, in an amount in excess of $593,997.74; voiding the fraudulent transfers and returning the money to Multiut to be

used to satisfy the debt to Dynegy; punitive damages and such other relief as this Court deems

Ken Ditkowsky
wrote on May 16, 2007 9:52 AM:

' Read your story with interest. In my opinion we apparently have not learned from the Resko transactions. While Government cannot plan and execute a 'one car funeral' it should not delegate its responsibilites 'helter skelter.' The Illinois Court records are replete with information concerning the people involved in the transaction. '

Jerald Dims
wrote on May 16, 2007 8:52 AM:

' See Illinois Court documents federal and state regarding Nachshon Draiman, Future associates, Multiut corp. being involved in fraudulent actions and inflated billing, defrauding partners of $8 million dollars, fraudulent documents to the illinois department of Registration to obtain a Nursing Home License, defrauding the banks in Israel - currently pending a lawsuit and a criminal investigation 02c7446 '

This is just a small sample of the various actions and criminal and fraudulent acts by Nachshon Draiman and his alter ego companies.
Yehuda Draiman 8/15/2007
פרקי מלון פנינת דן בירושלים: לחייב את היזמים ב-20 מיליון שקל
טוענים כי יזמי הקמת המלון, נחשון ואליצור דריימן, ביצעו פעולות לא חוקיות שהביאו את המלון לחוב של כ-45 מיליון דולר, רובו לדיסקונט
שמואל דקלו‏
16:18 15/1/07
המפרקים של מלון פנינת דן שבירושלים דורשים בבית המשפט המחוזי בירושלים לחייב את יזמי הקמת המלון בפיצוי של למעלה מ-20 מיליון שקלים. בתביעה שהגישו המפרקים, עוה"ד יאיר גרין ירון פיינשטיין וניצן שמואלי, הם טוענים כי יזמי הקמת המלון, האחים נחשון ואליצור דריימן, ביצעו פעולות לא חוקיות שהביאו את המלון לחוב של כ-45 מיליון דולר, רובו לבנק דיסקונט

-0.66% )
המפרקים טוענים כי הם מצויים בהליכי מכירת הנכס, כאשר התשלום המבוקש הוא כ-20 מיליון דולר, ולאחר המכירה יגיע סכום החובות לכ-25 מיליון דולר.

ההפרש הם מבקשים מהאחים דריימן, שהקימו את המלון באמצעות חברת חוץ שהתאגדה באלינוי.
המלון, שבו 88 חדרים ו-22 סוויטות, הופעל על ידי רשת מלונות דן, ולטענת המפרקים בעלי המלון לשעבר חייבים לרשת כ-900 אלף שקל.
לדבריהם, האחים דריימן ביצעו העברות פיקטיביות בין חשבונות; נתנו בטוחות באמצעות צ'קים שאת החשבון ממנו נמשך אחד הצ'קים סגרו; הציגו מצגי שווא בדבר סכום ההשקעה במלון; העבירו כספים לחו"ל מכספי החברה ללא הסבר וניפחו את סכום בניית המלון (כ-2,500 דולר למטר) בסכומים העולים פי כמה על הערכות הסבירות של בניית המלון.
עוד נטען, כי הם הציגו מצג מטעה כלפי מרכז ההשקעות על מנת להשיג הלוואות בערבות מדינה ומענקים. (פש"ר 119/99

Badthing1 said...

Hi Jack :)

You are a very nice person.

You've given me an added boost of confidence, which from you means a great deal to me, and so I will be ordering your book from to show my appreciation for your kind words, my dear.

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Yehuda Draiman said...

Nachshon Draiman, Chicago – nursing home administrator license (044001323) revoked and fined
Illinois Department of Financial and
Professional Regulation NEWS
Disciplinary Actions for January 2008 SPRINGFIELD
The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR)
announced today that the Directors of the Division of Professional Regulation, Daniel E. Bluthardt, and Insurance, Michael T. McRaith, signed the following disciplinary orders in January. Orders for the Division of Banking were authorized by Director Jorge Solis.


Nachshon Draiman, Chicago – nursing home administrator license (044001323)
revoked and fined $2,000 for misrepresenting information in his application concerning postgraduate education degree, to obtain nursing home administrator licensure from the Department.

Jay Draiman said...

Elitzur Draiman and Nachshon Draiman conspiracy to defraud the Bankruptcy Court

Form B18 (10/05)
United States Bankruptcy Court
Northern District of Illinois
Case No. 05−56009
Chapter 7
In Re
Elitzur Draiman
7520 Skokie Blvd
Skokie, IL 60077
Social Security No.:
Employer's Tax I.D. No.:
It appearing that the debtor is entitled to a discharge, IT IS ORDERED: The
debtor is granted a discharge under section 727 of title 11, United States Code, (the Bankruptcy Code).
Dated: March 27, 2006 Kenneth S. Gardner, Clerk
United States Bankruptcy Court
Bankruptcy court documents and filing under oath – show that Elitzur Draiman only has a home in Jerusalem and no other assets.
IN a pleading filed in the courts in Jerusalem Israel in 2008 Elitzur Draiman and Nachshon Draiman filed documents against their own Blind Widowed mother – Ziona Draiman – that Elizur owns about 80% of the shares of Hed Press (Corporate records show Samuel Draiman as the owner jointly with Hamodia which by law belongs to the widow of Samuel Draiman - Ziona Draiman.
Criminal charges should be filed against Elitzur Draiman and Nachshon Draiman for defrauding the Federal Bankruptcy Court in Chicago. (presenting false testimony and forged documents is a common practice by Nachshon Draiman who has multiple contempt orders for violating Federal court orders and over $100 million dollars in lawsuits for fraud and deception) (See Nachshon Draiman Nursing Home license revocation due to fraud, deceptuion and forged documents presented to Nachshon Draiman, Chicago – nursing home administrator license (044001323) Revoked
See: See: and:

Elitzur (Eli) Draiman Bankruptcy doc

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Northern District of Illinois (Chicago)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 05-56009

Assigned to: Honorable Judge Jack B. Schmetterer
Chapter 7
No asset
Date Filed: 10/14/2005
Date Terminated: 03/30/2006
Date Discharged: 03/27/2006