Monday, October 15, 2007

Con Men Rejection--How to Protect Yourself: Test Your Home Habits First

--Sound, basic habits are needed to assure extended protection of your financial affairs

Wrong choices in your home financial management would be like taking on a stock broker who is the Uncle Fester of portfolio styling You might be extending an open invitation to con men and not even know it. This self-check of your personal habits could reveal this tendency.

Do you have the proper armor to resist the advances of con men? First step toward self-protection against them is a look-in-the-mirror analysis of your own personal habits. And, these all begin at home. The Better Business Bureau has a most interesting test designed to alert you to some bad habits you might have there, with the vulnerability-possibility of carrying these forth into the outside world, inviting con men to victimize you.

Ponder these questions:

> How often do you shred documents containing sensitive financial information? Always? Usually? Sometimes? Rarely? Never?

Majority of Americans now shred regularly. Smart. Have you adopted this as standing practice yet? Any task worth doing was worth doing yesterday.

> Do you use a computer to conduct online banking? Yes? No?

Surprising to many, engaging in encrypted online banking is safer than the paper kind, survey says. Remember Murphy's Law of Combat #23: If the enemy is within range, so are you. Computer use establishes a good distance.

> How often do you obtain a credit report or receive credit monitoring reports? Never? Monthly? Several times a year? Yearly?

Certainly, you don't have to make your life so well protected that you outfit, even, your bicycle with a gun rack. But, frequent monitoring of your credit status is playing it safe.

> How many other individuals have potential, unauthorized access to your highly sensitive records? None? One? 2-3 4-6? More than 6?

Here's where most people fall down: carelessness in exposure. You don't have to go to the extreme of suffering delusions of competency. But, if you are one of these careless people, do something to shore up your privacy at home. If carried with you, away from your home, sloppiness in your financial management is a personal trait con men can nail you on in the outside world.

> Where do you keep or store highly sensitive financial information? Unlocked desk drawer? At home in plain sight? In car? On Desktop? In wallet or purse? Tucked safely away under lock and key?

Survey reveals a close relationship to the prior question, requiring a beefed up resort to better security. Remember what Confucius say: Man who live in glass house should shower in basement.

Mistakes are often the stepping stones to utter failure. And, these formative habits begin at home. Some corrections needed?The grass is always greener when you remember to water it.


Anonymous said...

So true and so important. I will take corrective action today espcially as I have some workmen coming for some remodeling. Thanks - K. Jordan

bsilvia said...

Yes, It's so true!
I used to have my bank pin numbers on whiteboard viewable to all visitors!
Oh, my... :)

ilovenola said...

My shredder lives next to my computer and I use it religiously. Good advice.

Jack Payne said...

Don't anybody push the panic button. This was merely a run-down of (I hope) helpful reminders.

Katie said...

Great article. I definitely need to start actively practicing these methods on a more daily basis. I live in Canada, so we always think it won't happen to us here.

Thanks Jack for stopping by my blog as well. I appreciate it.


Mike said...

I have been reading your blog for some time now. Must say you have changed a lot of our habits for the better by your great insights. Look forward to your future postings....

Jack Payne said...

Letting the cat out of the bag is a lot easier than putting it back in. First-things-first, up-front self-protection makes sense, doesn't it? Katie and Mike, I hope you will take the necessary steps.

Bubbles said...

Thanks for sharing this great advice. I like your modern twist of the proverbs!

Kelly said...

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