Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Legal Thriller Author Outlines Social Security Disaster

How the U.S. Government is Committing "Legal" Crime Against its Own Citizens.

A Chicago painting contractor upon retirement moved to Florida. It didn't take long for the IRS to came down on him for somebody else's unpaid taxes. and a lending institution threatened him with a lawsuit over skipped loan payments, again, by somebody else. He was, simply, a victim of social security card number theft. Being bewildered by this, he drew a credit report on himself, and discovered a multiple of unidentifiable charges. His "crime"? Some 50 years earlier the man, now 70, applied for, and got, his social security card. "I don't understand it," he worries. "I've always lived a responsible life. I always paid my bills. I never ran up a credit card balance. I never cheated on my taxes. Now all of this. It's a nightmare."

Last year some 9,000,000 people paid taxes that would not match up with social security records. Core of the problem? Illegal immigrants. Up to 80% of these fraudulent records are thought to originate with these illegal immigrants who file stolen or manufactured numbers. Follow-up investigations have shown as many as 35 employers filing the same social security number under different names. Incredibly, no mechanism exists for notifying the rightful number holder of the misuse of his / her number.

"Legal crime, foisted off on all of us, by our own government? What else can you call it?" asks legal thriller author, Jack Payne. "The legal card holders never know until IRS chases them down for back taxes, and when private companies try to collect unpaid loans and past-due bills. On both counts, obligations run up by somebody else. It seems like a clear, outright case of fraud. With no legal requirement to report irregularities, the people who know do just that: they do not report. Rather, they simply thrust their heads into the sand, plead nolo contendre, and take shelter behind the Privacy Law They have no incentive to level with you about the imposter's use of your social security number. In fact, important non-incentives to inform exist. because benefits to them are abundant.. The Social Security Administration collects big amounts of extra tax money which they toss into something they call their Earnings Surplus File, an accounting limbo that now gobbles up $420 billion. Creditors extend more loans, and merchants sell more goods on credit. Employers get cheap labor. Result?, everybody is a winner through our maligned, non-system system. Everybody, that is, except the rightful card holder, you This is why this unwillingness to protect you from such obvious theft adds up to 'legal' crime. What else can it be called? It's the politicians in Washington who created this farce of a financial state, and it's they who are responsible for it," Payne concludes.

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